Winter Storm By French_concession 法國租界

‘Winter Storm’ will be the first track released from the French_concession up coming EP. The video was shot earlier this year in Canterbury, NZ, and produced, directed, styled and edited by the artist herself. The video borrowed fashion elements from different east and west cultures to create a femme cult look.

Ella Chai Yin Chi is a multimedia artist born in Hong Kong and immigrated to New Zealand at a young age. She studied film making and architectural design in Australia and Spain.

French_concession is a solo music project of Ella. The project began in Shanghai 2009 and evolved through Barcelona, Singapore, Nepal, Japan and now Christchurch; French_concession’s sound reflects her widespread cultural influences.

Music video is a format where she often combines her audio production, filmwork, animation and virtual modelling ideas into one. Her art is gaining national and international interest from independent radio station and digital art galleries.

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